Radamis II – Movenpick

The H.S. Radamis II Movenpick Nile Cruiser set sail in February 2000. It measures 72.3 meters long by 13.8 meters wide and 11.8 meters high (approximately four decks), weighs approximately 600 tons and has a draught (depth under the water line) of only 1.48 meters. The ship includes 80 cabins, including 6 suites and for the first time, two special suites with a large floor-to-ceiling oval window allowing you to see the Nile and the sites as you sail away.

Ship Information

  • Inaugurated February 2000
  • 72.3 meters long
  • 13.8 meters wide
  •  11.8 meters high
  • 5 decks
  • 600 tons
  • 80 cabins

Cabin Information

Our basic rooms are approximately 20 meters square and are famous for being some of the most comfortable and spacious on the Nile. Some of our key features include: a beautiful panoramic window that allows guests to view the Nile while lying on their bed; a full bathroom including a bathtub (available in all our rooms), hairdryer and shaving socket; in addition to a 20 inch television and a mini-bar.

Deck Plan